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Why Success is About Action

Why do people like sports? Is it the parade of the jerseys? The strategic planning of the plays? No! Its the overwhelming athletic abilities of the players involved. How did they get to be so good? Well, we all know that something had to happen before the game that gave them the advanced ability to defy the odds. The same preparation is required in everything we do. IT'S ALL ABOUT ACTION! Taking steps towards a task for some people can be a hard concept to comprehend. Don't believe me? Watch this.....

Bethany is a business owner who has structured her company as a franchise. Her vision is very big and her opportunities for success are even bigger. Bethany brings on several franchise owners and builds a great team of entrepreneurs. There is a problem with conformity within the franchise. Bethany faces the challenge of creating a synonymous marketing strategy for the company. After receiving advice from several marketing and business development experts, Bethany decides to hire someone who ends up implementing marketing tasks that were the same as before. Bethany doesn't see her problem because she is too close to the issue. There are two items in play here. One, is Bethany's inability to step outside of her comfort zone and allow experts to take her where she wants to go instead of a familiar colleague who does merely the same as what was implemented before. Second, because of this uncomfortable area of business Bethany doesn't see that she has not taken ACTION on the necessary tasks that will give her the results she is looking for. Cheap and inexpensive is not always the best route. Bethany fails to recognize who can truly galvanize her company into action right away. She doesn't understand how to measure progress, therefore she does not know how to choose the right consultant for the job. Bethany becomes STUCK in her own familiar ways of doing business.

Action is so much more than just doing something. ACTION is about ensuring as much as possible the favorable outcome of a task or goal. ACTION is about dunking the ball after strategically calculating the necessary footsteps needed to leap at a specific distance to allow your body to maneuver for a dunk that's perfect for your position at the time. Taking action is not just doing something. Taking ACTION is about expecting a SUCCESS within a timely manner. Expecting that SUCCESS comes with the ACTION because you have gone to practice and calculated the distance of your jump from the line to the goal. Remember, don't be afraid of calculating! Numbers don't lie, people do. If a consultant does not show you how they will measure their success in an effort to achieve your company goal, RUN! That is a person who either has not done the job before and is trying their skills out on your business, or that person simply is not experienced enough. Remember....SUCCESS IS ABOUT ACTION, but ACTION IS REQUIRED FOR SUCCESS!

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