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Entrepreneurship "Getting Started"

Even if you've been in business for years, this course will help understand all aspects of your business.

Contracting and Bidding

Interested in adding a revenue stream to your business? This course will help you get your first contract.

Managing Business Finances

This course dives into tracking your expenses, revenue, filing taxes, and setting quarterly goals.

Entrepreneurship for Youth

Have a youth group and want to teach them about entrepreneurship? This course is tailored for K-12 youth.

Nonprofit Grant Writing

Nonprofit organizations can learn how to structure their board for diverse funding.

Youth Biz Incubator

This incubator course is tailored for young adults up to age 23, and includes possible funding at the end of the course.

Nonprofit Board Development

This course dives into the board structure, Robert's Rule of Order, and proper documenting.

Business Credit/Funding

This course is our flagship course that dives into the financial structure of an LLC or corporation and access to up to $50K of funding.

All of our courses are "RIGHT NOW SOLUTIONS" that are purposed to add to your bottom line while in the course. Schedule a walk-through to learn more.

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